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Reigate Scottish Country Dance Club

The Reigate Scottish Country Dance Club meets on Monday nights from 8.15pm to 10.15pm at The Redhill Methodist Centre, Gloucester Road, Redhill. They wish to promote the enjoyment of Scottish country dancing and the club is an affiliated member of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. 

The Reigate Scottish Country ClubThey dance from the second Monday in September through to the end of May. They also hold dances throughout the year, two of them with a band. They are a lively and friendly group who believe that dancing should be fun and they welcome new members.

Contact Chairman, Wendy Mitton on 01737 247806 or email for more information.

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Swing Thing

The Reigate Society

Swing Thing is a dance club run by Carol and John Turner. They teach the Lindy Hop, 1920's Charleston and other swing dances such as Balboa and the Shag; they arrange events such as specialist dance workshops, social dances and occasional performances.

Also known as Jitterbug, and invented in Harlem, New York in the 1930's, Lindy Hop was considered outrageous in its day, breaking the traditions of close-hold ballroom dancing and actually allowing the partners to dance sometimes without holding on to each other! Lindy could be described as the link between Charleston and Rock & Roll as it retains some elements of Charleston in 8 count footwork as well as 6 count Jive or Rock & Roll footwork. Lindy Hop is danced with attitude but most of all with a great big smile.

Reigate SocietySwing Thing teach complete beginners, improvers and intermediates. You'll learn partnered and solo dances. The main aim is to teach social dancing, rather than lots of set or choreographed routines. Lindy Hop is traditionally danced to the music of the big bands of the 1940's such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman but is perfectly adaptable for more modern sounds.

Swing Thing is run for the love of the dance, as a "not for profit" club. All monies taken are for the use of the club, and to promote Lindy Hop and associated live music events in the East Surrey area.

They meet every Tuesday evening at 8pm at the Perrywood Sports and Social club in Salfords, near Redhill.

For more information contact call John or Carol on 079 3993 8877 or visit

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Urban Play

Urban Play offers classes for children and adults of all abilities on a regular weekly basis. Their classes are incredibly popular, lots of fun and highly energetic. Urban Play classes promote fitness and well-being, they encourage confidence and creativity, as well as individuality and originality.

The main dance styles they focus on in their regular classes are street, hip-hop, breaking, locking and popping. All classes start with a warm-up, which is extremely important for injury-prevention and to get the mind focused. Urban Play is passionate about dance and truly believes in the benefits it can bring to people of all ages and abilities.

For more information please contact, call 07914 113 942 or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

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